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Professional saddle fitting service for all makes and styles of saddles.

Understanding the underlying structures of the horses anatomy and how they interact with the saddle and rider, assists in obtaining the best fit.  

Your saddle fit appointment includes:

  • Muscle soundness assessment of your horse
  • assessment of current saddle fit (to identify any current issues)
  • accurate templating and measuring of your horses' saddle platform
  • adjustments made to saddle/fit the saddle to your horse
  • static and ridden assessment



Deep tissue sports massage for your equine partner.

Muscle health is as important for your horse as it is for us, to keep your competition horse performing at his peak or your pleasure steed happy, regular bodywork is key.

Your appointment will last up to 1 hour, beginning with a full body assessment to identify any concerns and/or issues, then Brad will get hands on!

Finishing the appointment will include any stretches required and where necessary take home exercises.




From a family heavily involved in numerous areas of the horse industry, Brad followed suit and grew up competing and training young horses in various disciplines, managing stud farms and pursuing his own dreams of helping horses. 

Brad is an Accredited Trainer in the methodology of JOHN LYONS - Americas most trusted horseman. through David Simons Pty Ltd, an accredited Equine body worker through EQUINOLOGY USA, and an accredited and preferred fitter through SADDLEFIT AUSTRALIA.

Brad is dedicated and passionate about horses and obtaining optimum results through his multi-faceted approach,

and works closely with other industry professionals.

Brad is continually broadening his knowledge to achieve the best results.

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BT Saddlefit & Bodywork

161 Wildwood Road, Carbunup River, Western Australia 6280, Australia



Monday - Friday: 7am - 5pm

Saturday: 8am - 4pm

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